Samarpan – A Love Story (English)

Samarpan – A Love Story

Chapter One
Madhavi was in a good mood. Vinay, her son asked her what was the reason of her excitement.
She told “My old friend Ratna is visiting us today along with her kids”.
Vinay, the young boy of fourteen hardly had any interest to see his mom’s friend so he ran away for playing with his mates. But near his building he found a lady in forties with a young girl and a boy. The girl must be seventeen or eighteen years old , Vinay guessed. He remembered that he saw all them a few days back in the society premises.
He thought “probably these may be our guests”
He continued on his way to his friends, but the thought of the attractive girl kept running through his mind. He got curious and ended up early playing the games and went home.
His guess was absolutely right.
“Ratna , he is Vinay my only son, studying in ninth class. And Vinay she is my old, school-days friend Ratna. Now she has shifted here in our society” Madhavi introduced.
“Hello Ratna Aunty”
“Vinay she is my daugher Savita. She is studying in first year of Engineering. And this naughty boy..” Ratna was introducing her kids to Vinay while the boy cut her in between.
“I am Amey. I study in fourth class.” Amey introduced himself.
“Hi Savita.. Hi Amey” Vinay greeted them.
“Hi Vinay… Hey I saw you day before yesterday. You were playing volleyball in the society premises. Right ?” Savita asked.
“Yeah, that’s correct. I’ve a group here. And I love playing volleyball and table tennis” Vinay replied. And the conversation continued.

In between Amey got bored so Vinay took him and Savita to his room. He booted his PC for Amey to play games on.
“Hey, you have quite neat and well maintained room” Savita appreciated.
“Thanks..” Vinay said.
“But Amey, remember as soon as aunty calls for dinner, you have to stop playing games and get up. Right ?”
“Yes Tai (elder sister)..” Amey agreed.

The chat continued for a while. Then Madhavi called the kids for the dinner.
“Amey, Aunty is calling for dinner.. stop the game now” Savita ordered.
“Yes Tai..just 2 minutes” Amey pleaded.
“No , Amu. Just close it now” her voice was firm.
“Ok..” Amey immediately stopped game and closed the game window.
“You seem to have a good command over him” Vinay asked.
“You know Vinay ..My dad is many times out of town for his business, and mom also remains busy with her job. So I have to look after him.And he is my dear brother.. generally listens and follows my instructions. Isn’t it Amu” she loving kissed Amey on his forehead.
“Yes Tai..” though involved in the game Amey replied.
“But rarely I have to scold him or give a couple of smacks” she said in mischievous tone.
Amey ran towards the dining.
Vinay was surprised “You beat him ?”
“Well.. sometimes, I have to, if he is too stubborn”
“well…” Vinay was speechless. “The beautiful, smart girl in front of me is such commanding..” he was thinking.
The chat continued for some time till Ratna peeped in.
“Why you guys are late now ? Savita come fast, else it will be your turn to get smacks from me on your back”
“He he..” Savita giggled “yes, give me. and then I will give half of them to Vinay as he is equally guilty for being late”
“Shut up Savi.., Vinay you too please join fast, your mom is waiting”
“yeah”, Vinay replied.
The all were enjoying chat and the dinner. But Vinay was in a different world. Savita jokingly told that she would give smacks to Vinay, but the thought of getting smacks from her excited him. She began to appear even smarter to him now.
Before leaving Ratna took promise from Madhavi of another family meet at Ratna’s place.
Savita too mentioned to Vinay “Hey, I am having vations these days. So I am quite free now, once semester begins I get too busy. So let’s meet these days.”
“Sure” Vinay was glad as she too wanted to meet him again.
“And also you’ll train me on table tennis. Ok ?” she asked.
“Sure, my pleasure” he replied.
The three left Madhavi’s home.
Vinay went to bed with a strange feeling and excitement.

Chapter Two

Very soon Savita and Vinay became good friends. They used to visit each other’s place quite often. Savita was impressed by Madhavi’s cooking, she used to learn new recipes from Madhavi. Savita, Amey and Vinay used to play games and do different activities together.
Savita was elder to Vinay by almost five years. But this difference never mattered for them. In fact they could always openly talk on different subjects to each other. Sometimes Savita used to ask Vinay’s help on some tasks without any hesitation and he too used to be happy to help her.
Vinay’s academic year of ninth standard was over. The results declared. That day Savita visited his home and showed interest in his report card.
“Aunty, he is really doing well, but only needs some improvement in Mathematics” Savita said to Madhavi
“Yeah.. Actually he doesn’t practice maths much. But now this is tenth standard and he must need to work harder. I insist for a coaching class for him but he is reluctant” Madhavi complained.
“Oh Mom, Every after spending hours in school , going to coaching classes is hectic, please don’t insist. I promise I will study hard” Vinay pleaded.
“No Vinay, You say so, but you’ll get bored with maths and you don’t practice it” Madhavi insisted.
“Aunty, he is right to some extend. Let me suggest something, I will make him practice maths. Let him come to me for tuition once a week” Savita interrupted.
“But you are also busy with studies of engineering. How you’ll find time ?” Madhavi worried.
“That’s fine Anuty, don’t worry. He will come to me only on Sundays for 2 hours. Ok Vinay ? So see you on this Sunday at my home.”
“This Sunday ? why, still vacations are going on, let the school open and then we’ll start” Vinay said
“Not done Vinay. From this Sunday itself. And it’s good that you’ve vacations right now, then you can practice lot more sums. I will give you enough homework to do for the week.” Savita said in a firm voice.
“Homework ? Oh no please.. no homework” Vinay complained.
“Vinay it seems you hesitate a lot as it comes about maths practice. But this is not done. You’ve to do lot of practice” Savita told
“Yeah Savita, he will plead for concessions but don’t allow him any. Be strict” Madhavi said.
Savita laughed at Madhavi’s statement and said “Don’t worry Aunty, I will get a cane stick for him.”
Vinay kept quiet. Though Savita said it in fun, the idea of getting caned from her excited him.

On Sunday Vinay reached at Savita’s home at 2:10 pm.
“You’re late Vinay. This is our first class so concession to you. But from the next Sunday onwards you must be here by 1:55 pm so that we can start class at 2 pm sharp. Right?” Savita ordered
“Yes, sure” he nodded.
Savita taught him some part of a chapter slowly. Her teaching skills were just excellent. She cleared his doubts thoroughly and ensured that he understands the things from the root.
At the end of the class she marked some examples in the book for homework.
“This much homework at a time?” Vinay started complaining.
“Vinay, this is for a week so it’s not too much” Savita explained.
“But still…anyways I will have to do lot of study as the school reopens. Please let me enjoy some days of vacations na”
“No Vinay. You have to do it. and no more arguments on this” Savita said in a firm voice
“Ok boss, shall I leave now. ?”
“Hey Vinay, just wait man. I will prepare some snacks for us. Till that you have some good time with Amey na.” Savita entered into a friend’s role as soon as the class ended.

On next Sunday Vinay reached Savita’s home at quarter to two. Savita was impressed. She started checking her homework.
“Hey, you have not completed all the examples”
“I have completed Savita” Vinay said
“Just check again” she asked
so he took the notebook from her and rechecked.
“Oh.. seems I missed the examples on one whole page”
She didn’t reply on this, instead she started with new topic.
At 4 pm when they ended with the class she asked him “Vinay which is your favourite TV show”
He answered and mentioned title of some comedy show.
“Does it come everyday ?” she asked
“No. Only on Thursday 9 pm to 10 pm” he answered.
“So you watch it every Thursday, right ?” she asked
“Of course..”
“Well, then coming Thursday you won’t watch it” she said
“Why ?” he was surprised.
“That’s punishment for you for not completing the homework”
“Oh no.. Please. I just missed some part of the homework by mistake. But I will complete it today itself “ he pleaded.
“You have to complete it. But the time given was till today’s class. So punishment has to be there. No excuses”
“Hmm… But how will you come to know if I watched it or not ? Will you visit our home at that time ?” he asked
“No. I won’t need to do that. I will ask you and you won’t lie to me. Right?”
“Yes, I won’t”

On the next Sunday Vinay completed old and new homework neatly. Savita was happy with that. But he was wondering ad she didn’t ask anything about the punishment. She started teaching a new topic.
As the class ended she took out her mobile and said “Hey Vinay, listen to this joke” and she narrated a joke from her mobile.
“This is a quiet old joke” Vinay was not impressed with her joke, then he narrated a joke to her. It was new for her she laughed a lot and then said “That was really nice. But I too have a brand new joke now, listen” and then she narrated one more joke.
“Hey Savita, this was there in the comedy show episode last Thursday” Vinay told.
“You watched that episode ?” she asked,
“Not the whole, but for the first twenty minutes. Then I remembered about my punishment and went into my bedroom”
She stared him for a while.
“Sorry.., I am really sorry” he said
“You watched for only twenty minutes , right ?”
“Really I swear, I didn’t mean to disobey you, but it just went off from my mind”
“Okay..then hold your ears and do uthak-baithak (ups and downs)” she said
“You must be kidding..” he laughed.
“I am not” she said firmly.
“Savita , please. If you want I won’t watch the next episode of it I promise”
“Listen. It is your punishment. I will decide what it should be and not you. And also don’t call me Savita during classes, you shall call me madam or ma’am, understand ?” she was angry.
“Yes. Mad…am” Vinay said and also laughed at the joke he cracked.
But Savita didn’t laugh. Instead she gave him a tight slap.
Vinay was shocked.
“Sorry, sorry ma’am” he hesitated.
One more tight slap came on his face. He was totally freezed to talk even a single word. He was looking at the ground and another hard slap struck his face. He had tears in his eyes.
“Uthak- baithak” Savita ordered.
“Yes, yes ma’am” his voice was shivering.
He hold ears and started doing uthak-baithak. Savita counted them ‘one’, ‘two’ and so on.
he stood still as he completed. She was still fuming in anger. She went to her cupboard and took out a steel rule of one foot. She had it as she was a student of engineering.
She ordered “stretch your hand and show your palm”
He did so but she could read the question in his eyes.
“This is to make you remember that you should never insult or make fun of your teacher”
He didn’t say anything.
She took his hand even closer to her. He got excited by the touch of her hands.
She struck a hard stroke with ruler on his palm. It was too hard that he got into a sudden pain and took his hand back.
“Stretch the hand Vinay” she ordered.
He stretched the hand again but requested her politely “Ma’am, please can you put little mild stroke”
“No Vinay, This is punishment. And if you utter even a word anymore then the punishment will be too severe”
He didn’t reply. She started striking her ruler hard against his palm. The pain with every stroke was really severe for him. He closed his eyes. She gave 10-15 very hard strokes and stopped.
“Now stretch the other hand” she ordered.
He opened his eyes and took back his right hand and slowly stretched the left.
She raised the ruler in air and again started striking hard strokes. But now Vinay didn’t close his eyes. Instead he was staring her as she was busy in implementing punishment onto him. He lost in seeing her in that role. Though very painful the moment was unique and special for him. Now he was not just waiting or praying in mind to stop her. He was now accepting his punishment from the heart not just out of fear.
She stopped and put the ruler aside. He was standing still. Some moments passed like this.
She calmed down and asked him to sit. He did so without talking a word.
It was a strange incidence for her too. She never had been such harsh or strict to even her brother Amey. She felt sorry for him.
“Vinay it hurt too much ?” she asked in a kind voice.
He didn’t answer.
She got closer to him and hold his hands in her. There were no of pink marks made by the ruler on his hands. He had tears in his eyes.
“Vinay I severely punished you. I think I was too harsh to you. I am sorry. Please forgive me” she said
“No Ma’am. I didn’t obey you and also I insulted you. So I deserved it.”
“Vinay, I never mind if you make fun of me as a friend. But you should never make fun of or insult your teacher”
“No Ma’am. I never do that. Today I did the wrong, but this won’t be repeated. I promise”
“That’s good Vinay. Now wait, I will make some snacks of your choice” and she went to the kitchen.

Vinay came home. His palms were paining. He could still clearly see the marks made by the ruler.
For next two three days his palms continued to have a little pain. He remembered the incidence a no of times. He couldn’t understand his own emotions. He was thinking “ I am certainly not angry with Savita ma’am, neither I am sad because I received a severe punishment from her.If I tell mom that I won’t go to Savita for tuition, surely she won’t insist too much.But I don’t want to tell her anything, instead I am waiting for Sunday. The strokes were really too much painful but still I received them positively, didn’t run away. In fact I was not just waiting her to stop.I didn’t want to resist nor beg her to stop. I was looking at her while she was raising the ruler, striking it on my palm. I liked her to see in that role. I still want to remember her image in that pose. What is this strange feeling ?” He kept asking himself.
Savita was also confused with mix of emotions. She thought “I was too harsh with Vinay. I should not have punished him that severely. Will he tell this to Madhavi Aunty ? If he does so Aunty may not send him again to me for the tuitions. Rather she too will be upset with me. I may loose a good friend.Why I was so harsh ? Why I was so much excited and energized while striking that steel ruler against his palms ? He kept quiet after I slapped him hard so many times. Then he did the uthak-baithak punishment without resisting. Probably this encouraged me to be more harsh with him with the help of the ruler. Why I punished him ? As he was getting the pain with every stroke of the ruler was I getting more and more excited and energized to induce more pain to him ? Did I become happy with his pain ?Was I cruel to him ?He learns in a good school where such punishments may not be normal. It is unlikely that aunty or uncle may be giving him any such punishments. Then why did he not resist ? why he accepted it. When I was striking the ruler hardly against his palms, it seemed like he would have accepted strokes even four times of what I gave him.Why he accepted it ? ”

On Thursday Savita remembered that it was that Vinay’s birthday. She thought it would be good occasion to go and make up with him as she was afraid that he might be upset with her. So she quickly got a gift wrapped for it ,got some sweets and went to Vinay’s home along with her mom.
They both wised Vinay. Madhavi suggested Vinay “Beta, touch feet of your aunty and get blessings”. So Vinay touched Ratna’s feet. Then he touched Savita’s feet too.
“Hey , not me stupid” Savita almost shouted. She had tears in her eyes.
“Why not ? You’re his teacher.” Madhavi said
Savita hold his hands and said emotionally “Be happy, very happy always my friend.”
Ratna was rushed to the lift as she had to leave for the office. Madhavi accompanied her.

“Vinay, you must be upset with me, isn’t it ?” Savita asked.
“No ma’am. Not at all”
“Did it hurt you a lot that day ?I am really sorry”
“Ma’am, please don’t say ‘sorry’. It was punishment so it had to hurt”
“Hey ..please call me ma’am only at the time of class. All other time we are friends”
“Sure Savita”
“And idiot, why didn’t you try to stop me when I was beating you that badly” she asked
“You mean you would have stopped if I had requested ? “ he asked
“Frankly speaking don’t know. Why I wanted to strike that ruler hard & hard and again & again. I don’t know why I was so much energized to cause you pains. But why you accepted such a harsh punishment ? you could have resist and stop me easily or at least run away”
“Even I don’t know, but I didn’t feel like stopping you”
“I feel sorry for you for that” she said
“Please don’t. You teach me so nicely, thoroughly and from the bottom of your heart. So probably the your punishments are too genuine like your teaching”
“That’s sweet of you dear. But have you told aunty about this ?” She asked.
“No. I didn’t told her about the punishment you gave me. Neither I will tell her in future also”
“You’re so sweet Vinay. Ok. let’s meet now on Sunday.”
“By the way ma’am… I mean Savita. When is your birthday ?I too want to give you some gift” Vinay asked.
“Oh…and what is that ?” she wondered.
“A ruler..rather rulers” he smiled.
“But I already have one..”
“True. But I guess if our classes will go on like this very soon it will get broken. So you’ll need a new every month. isn’t it ?” Vinay was laughing mischieviously.
“Ohh.. Very smart..Now you see I’ll break one ruler on your palms every week” she laughed loudly as the burden of guilt from her mind was vanished.

Vinay kept on going to Savita for the tuitions. She started helping and guiding him on different subjects too. He used visit her even during weekdays if he had any doubts or difficulties. Occasionally she used to give him some punishments for any irregularity in studies. But the punishments were not much severe, generally limited to some uthak baithak or only a few strokes of the ruler. The frequency and intensity of punishment went down as days passed on and he became more and more sincere towards studies and exams.
Soon the exams were over and results declared. As expected Vinay scored very good marks in maths as well as in other subjects. He went to Savita’s place with a box of sweets.
Savita was very happy for him.
“Ma’am this is for you” he gave the box to her and touched her feet.
“My sweet boy, you need not to touch my feet” she hold her shoulders.
“Ma’am I got this success because of you and..”
“and ?”
“and your ruler… where is she, I want to thank her too”
“oh, really ?… then you must meet her in her favorite way. Stretch your hands”
“Oh no ma’am” he pleaded
“Oh yes.. you started it. now come on” she ordered
“Okay…seems no option”
he stretched out his hands and she struck five hard strokes on each of his palms.
“So, enough ? or want to say more ‘thank you’ to her” Savita laughed.
“No ma’am..enough, enough”
“ sweet boy, My ruler and I will miss the tuition time with you”
“Me too ma’am”
His hand was still stretched and Savita again struck the ruler very hard against his palm. He yelled in pain.
“Now would you stop calling me ma’am ? or shall I give you more?”
“Yes ma’am, I mean sorry ma’am” he screamed. Again a hard stroke came on his palm.
“I mean Savita, sorry Savita.”
“You’re so so so sweet Vinay, but I don’t know why you like this ruler” Savita threw the ruler.
“Because you introduced me to her, she happened to be your good friend. You too liked her a lot. isn’t it ?” he replied.
“True. But now it’s over. I won’t be taking your tuitions as you go to the college.” Savita held his hands.

Chapter Three

Vinay got admission to science stream for eleventh. He was enjoying his college days with new friends and new surroundings.
Savita once asked him “Vinay, you’re now enjoying college life. That’s fine. You must enjoy it to fullest. But remember don’t get into any bad company, which may spoil you. So be careful while enjoying your time”
“Yes ma’am. Don’t worry. I will be careful”
“Why are you calling me ‘ma’am’ idiot ? “
“Because you’re taking my ‘class’ “he laughed.
“Go to hell rascal. I won’t talk to you”
Both giggled.
Soon Vinay’s ended with his eleventh class and got admitted to twelfth. He got busy with his studies. And Savita was also very much busy with her final year of engineering. So they didn’t meet much.
One day Madhavi called up Savita at her place.
“What happened aunty, you seem to worried” Savita asked.
“I am worried about Vinay. We want him to be a doctor or an engineer. But he wants to go to science stream for B.Sc.”
“Yeah aunty.. I know. We once talked on it. He has deep interest in chemistry and wants to pursue it in bachelor’s and master’s degree.”
“But you know there are no good career options available for qualifications like B.Sc or M.Sc. So why don’t you convince him to get to engineering”
“Don’t worry aunty. I think what he has decided is right. He has genuine interest in that stuff and surely he will do good with it. You please support him on his decision”
Madhavi was not much convinced. But Savita stood behind Vinay with firm support. Finally Madhavi gave in.
“Savita, thank you very much for supporting me” Vinay said.
“Hey stupid, you need not be that formal. I know you’re a talented and hard working guy and you’ll have a bright future.”

One evening when Vinay was busy at his home in studying some stuff Savita arrived.
“So Mr. Busy how are you doing ?Am I allowed to disturb you ?” She asked.
“Hey Savi.. I am fine. yeah busy with studies. Come, have a seat” he was happy to see her.
She talked to him for some time and then asked.
“So the studious guy forgot something.. ?”
“What ? what I forgot ?” He surprised.
“Hmm.. well see you later. bye” she got up.
“Hey wait na.. what’s that tell me”
“well.. it’s okay dear…”
“’s your birthday” he screamed…”Oh god..I really forgot it. I am so so sorry.”
she smiled.
He shaked hands with her and said “Many many happy returns of the day”
“That’s all ? no gift for me ?” she said in a mischievous tone.
“Sure sure..tell me what shall I gift you ?”
“Well…” she moved near the gallery of the flat and said ..”can you see that rose in the garden ?”
“Get me that one”
“Oh that’s all ? I will get it, wait”
“But use the stairs not the lift for getting down and coming back” she said with a smile.
“What ?? 8 floor by stairs? why ?” he was surprised.
“That’s the punishment for forgetting my birthday. Shouldn’t you have one ?”
“Oh.. are you sure ?”
“100 % ”
“Okay ma’am. Punishment accepted.”
He opened the door and left.
She watched him from the gallery as he reached the garden and plucked the rose. She realized that out of fun she asked him for a red rose.
Soon he got in , tired.
“Oh sweetheart, got tired ? so pity..” she said
“hmm.. so here it is. The rose for you”
“thank you , thank you” she said.
“So you’ll put it in your hair ?” he asked
“hmm.. yes” she confused at his question.
“May I do it for you ?” he asked.
She was surprised by his question. She just nodded positively and turned back.
He put the rose in her hair. Her long and silky hair was smelling her shampoo’s sweet odour. Both were lost in for some moment.
“Thanks Vinay” she said and left with those beautiful moments in her mind.

Vinay’s board examinations were over and he was enjoying his vacations. Savita too finished with her engineering exams soon. So both met quite often for playing table tennis, at each other’s home or even they used plan for movie along with Amey.
Savita’s results were declared, she scored very good and now she was trying to get some job. There were no much opportunities in the city so she had no option than applying in other cities too. Vinay got admission for B.Sc first year in a near by college. Savita soon got an offer from a company in Mumbai.
She shared the news with Vinay,
“Hearty congratulations..and time for party” he said
“Of course. We’ll have dinner in this week “she promised
“When you’ve to join”
“After one and a half month” she said.
“So you won’t meet me after that ?” he was little upset.
“Who said that ? I will keep visiting home at least once or twice a month. Then we will meet” she said.
Those days they were meeting almost every day, used to spend lot of time together. But she was expecting a turning point in their relation. She was sure that Vinay had attraction for her. But she was not sure if feelings of love in his mind. Also she thought he was too young to have any matured thoughts on that front. So she was not inclined to express her own feelings to him. But neither she wanted to go away from him. She wanted to wait for the sweet point to come, but wanted to be with him till then. However it was not possible now as she had to leave the city. So she had confusion about how to proceed.
Also she realized that the chemistry of her relation with Vinay was different. Many of her female friends had boy friend and used to share their feelings with her. But she knew her feeling for Vinay was different. But she couldn’t exactly know what the difference was. All this confusion made her restless. She expected that something special shall happen which would bring both of them closer. The time for her to leave the city was getting closer day by day. And she was getting impatient for that something special.


One evening while Savita was standing in the balcony of her home, she got shocked to see Vinay smoking a cigarette in the balcony of his flat. She watched him for a minute. Then she rushed to his home.
She rang the bell impatiently.
“Hey Savita, how’re you, please come in” Vinay said
“Seems you’re alone at home”
“Yeah. Mom went to my uncle’s place.”
“So what you were doing ?”
“Nothing special…”
“Okay…” she went to the balcony.
“Vinay isn’t something smelling ?”
“Smelling ? I don’t think so. nothing..”
“Seems like smell of a cigarette…” she asked
“Cigarette ? no , not at all” he hesitated.
Savita came closer to him and asked “You smoked a cigarette ?”
“No dear. what are you asking ?” he avoided to look at her.
She put a very tight slap on his face.
He didn’t utter a word. Again a very hard slap …
“You smoked , and now lying too..shame” and another hard slap.
He realized that Savita was furious and he won’t have any escape from punishment. He kept quiet.
Third … fourth … fifth ..the slaps continued, almost one per second. His cheeks were red hot. His throat was dried. He wanted to explain something but was unable to speak even a word.
She stopped slapping him. He was still staring the grounds. She found a leather belt hanging to a hook on the wall. She stepped to it and picked it up.
Now Vinay was frightened. “Now I must talk” he thought.
“Remove the shirt” Savita ordered.
“Ma’am please, don’t whip me with it” he pleaded.
“I said remove the shirt” she shouted
“Ma’am please, let me explain this please” he begged.
But she didn’t answer instead she moved the belt through the air and struck it on the floor. It made sound. Vinay realized that Savita won’t listen to anything and he has no other option than accept the whipping. He removed his shirt. Savita made him lean onto the belt with his face down.
With all her energy she moved the belt in the air and struck hard onto his back. The pain was extreme. He closed his eyes. She moved the belt again and again in the air and struck hard and very hard every time onto his back. It seemed that she wanted to give him infinite lashes. His back was full of pink and red bruises. He was sobbing in tears.
Finally the dance of the belt stopped.
“Get up” she ordered.
He slowly moved. Still sobbing in tears he stared at the grounds.
“From since this is going on ?” she asked
He didn’t answer anything.
Again she moved the belt in the air and struck on his arm.
“What I am asking ? From how many days you started smoking ? In whose company you started”
He tried to stop crying.
She again put few more lashes till he could open his mouth.
“Ma’am, today for the first time I smoked.”
“Oh.. is that ? You must be having cigarette pack , show me”
he opened a drawer and gave her the cigarette pack.
“There are only four left in this. And you’re saying you’ve smoked only once. You’re lying”
Again she started whipping him badly, on his back on his legs.
“Ma’am please don’t whip me, I am not lying. Ma’am please” he again begged.
She stopped after another 8-10 lashes.
“Ma’am believe me. Dad smokes. And I just had curiosity about it so I got one cigarette from his pack and tried today. Ma’am please believe me”
“Uncle smokes ?” she doubted.
“Yes ma’am. If you don’t believe me then you please ask mom.” he answered
“Ma’am I really don’t have any bad company. I just had curiosity so I tried. Please forgive me ma’am” he continued pleading.
“But then why did you initially lied ?”
“Ma’am I was shocked at your question. And also I was afraid.”
“See Vinay. Uncle is a matured person, but he might have got into some wrong habit while working hard in his business. But this doesn’t mean you should copy him in that area.”
“Sorry Ma’am. I promise I will never smoke again. Please believe me.”
“That’s good, and now stop crying. Wash your face”
He nodded and she left.

On the way she started thinking “If his father smokes, and so he got curious then it is not his fault. It is somewhat natural. But I severely punished him. I was really too harsh to him. He is deeply hurt. Also aunty is not at home. He may get into trouble because of the pain from whipping. He may even fall sick. I can’t leave him alone”

With this thought she went back to his home. He opened the door.
He was still weeping.
“Vinay..” she said in a kind voice
“Why are you back ma’am ? you don’t trust me. You want to check if I am smoking again ? grab that belt again and whip me. I am a bad boy, punish me”
She gently hugged him.
“I am sorry Vinay, I know I have hurt you badly. Your back must be burning now. I will apply some medicine , some cream on your back”
“No need…” he cut her.
“Please Vinay. Don’t say so.I agree that I was too harsh with you. I am really sorry for that.”
She found some cream and asked him in a kind voice “Vinay, please remove the shirt”
He did so.
She delicately applied some amount of cream on his back. Her soft, loving touch and the cream reduced his burning sensation.
“You must be hungry, isn’t it ? You had anything or not ?”
“I had … had a lot.” he answered without looking at her. She got what he meant.
She went to the kitchen and fried onion-bhajiyas which happened to be his favourite evening snacks.
In few minutes she came to the drawing room with plates full of bhajiyas.
“Vinay.. here it is, your favourite dish”
He didn’t answer
“Vinay, my sweet heart. Look at me please, I am really very very sorry for what happened. Even I don’t understand why I was so strict and harsh to you that too when I don’t have any such right.”
“Please don’t say so ma’am. You have all the rights to punish me as when you want. But today’s punishment was too extreme, really painful. It was almost impossible for me to withstand the whipping”
“I know that dear. It was really too much.” She held his hands.
“But now please don’t be sad and come on have the bajiyas” she said.
After they finished the snacks she said “Come to my place today. You can sleep in Amey’s bedroom”
“Why ?”
“I can’t leave you alone here. You’re in extreme pain. You may fall sick, you may get temperature in the night.”
Vinay went with her.
Before going to bed she served him a glass of warm milk with sugar and turmeric added to it.
“Why this ? for what ?” he asked.
“This is good in pains, your body must be paining.”
The whole night she couldn’t sleep at all. She went to Amey’s bedroom no of times to confirm that Vinay is alright.

Days passed and it was time for Savita to move to Mumbai for her job. She was nervous with the thought of going away from her family and also her beloved Vinay.
“Vinay, now I am moving. You please take care of yourself”
“Savita, will you remember me after going away ?”
“Hey idiot. How can I forget you dear ? And of course I will be visiting home once or twice a month then we’ll keep meeting. And here is something for you” she handed over a new box packed mobile phone.
“Just a simple basic phone as I bought from my pocket money”
“This is good. Thanks a lot.”
“Vinay”, she held his hands “I know I was too harsh with you sometimes. You must be angry with me , isn’t it ?”
“No dear, never. I will miss you” he said.
“Me too”

Chapter Four

Savita settled down in her first job at Mumbai. Vinay used to be busy with his studies. She visited home once or twice a month and they used to meet then. Also they were in regular contact over phone.
Days passed. Vinay was now in the final year of B.Sc.

One day they met in a near by garden.
“Savita, in last week I remembered you on a special occasion, when I was with my friends”
“Good to know that you remembered me. But what was that special occassion”
“You know I have a very good rather close friend Pallavi. Actually she is my class-mate”
Savita missed a heart beat as he mentioned some girl being his close friend.
“She is in my circle from the first year itself and her boy friend Aniket also joined our group from around a year”
“Oh.. I see” she got relief as he mentioned about Pallavi’s boy friend.
“So this Aniket is known for always being late at any place. If we arrange some picnic, movie, dinner he is the guy who arrives late. Many times we even miss some part of a movie”
“So he must be your good friend then”
“Shut up. I am never late”
“Oh.. Ok ok.. carry on then”
“Pallavi and we other friends always complain about this.”
“Last week it was Pallavi’s birthday and she had arranged a party in a restaurant. Aniket had agreed that he would be on time”
“But he must be late then. right ?”
“Late by forty five minutes !!”
“Oh god.. so Pallavi must had a fight with him”
“Listen the whole story. We were trying him on his mobile. But he didn’t answer at all. He was to come on a bike so we were worried.”
“So finally he came when it was limit to our patience”
“But why he was so much late ?”
“That was most funny part. He avoided to answer that question at first, but then we insisted and he had to answer. Actually he was thinking that the party was scheduled at 8 pm. But as we started calling him after 7 he rechecked the sms and left”
“great , but why he was not answering”
“he did not want us to know about his misunderstanding about the time”
“So his sweetheart Pallvi must have scolded him badly”
“In fact we all shouted at him. But Pallavi didn’t speak even a word. Now every one was curious about her reaction”
“Me too !!” Savita added mischieviously.
“As Aniket tried to wish her she even didn’t move her hand forward. He kept on apologizing, said sorry many times. But she didn’t reply at all. Finally she said he has to make forty uthak baithak holding his ears. He was late by forty five minutes and she could excuse him for first five minutes only. All started laughing. He was surprised. He pleaded her. But she neither cancelled, nor postponed or not even reduced his punishment. She stood firm. Finally he held his ears and made forty uthak-baithaks. Other people in the restaurant were laughing at him.”
“Oh.. that’s really funny…”
“And there are two more couples in our group. Now these other girls also sometimes warn their boyfriend that if he doesn’t behave properly he would get punishment like Aniket”
“So nice and so exciting.. but why you remembered me dear ?” Savita asked.
“I still remember the punishments I used to get from you when I was in the tenth standard.”
“Hmm.. but that was because for home work or studies. You were my student then”
“And it was just two years back you whipped me badly with my belt. The welts were on my back for eight to ten days”
“Ten days only ? I thought they must be on your back for a month ?” she laughed and said “by the way , you used to observe those daily in the mirror or what ?”
“Yeah. I used to see my back in the mirror. For first one or two days I was sad because I received such harsh punishment. But then the welts on my back made me glad. I liked to see them in the mirror”
“Oh… so you must be sad once they vanished.” she burst into laughter.
“That’s true. When those marks on my back disappeared I missed them for some days”
“Then why you did not come to me ? I would have made another set of marks on your back then only”
“You’re right. I made a mistake. But you can come to my place every month and whip me”
“Oh .. my brave boy.. but that day you were crying, pleading and begging badly for me to stop. and now you’re showing such courage”
“It was the first time for so I was frightened. But I won’t beg anymore if you whip me now”
“Oh then it won’t be real fun for me. Let it be” she said.
They both laughed loudly.
“But this is good idea. I will often whip my boyfriend and he will keep begging at my feet.” She said.
“You have a boyfriend “ he stumbled.
“Not now stupid. But sometimes in future I will have one, isn’t it ? I am talking about then”
“But if you are girl with a whip, then who will dare to be your boyfriend”
“That I’ll see later. But by the Vinay, I want you to hold ears and make thirty uthak-baithaks”
“Why ? for what dear ?”
“Just casually. As we remembered old memories. Now just words are not enough to awaken those memories so let’s have this activity too.”
“Ohh.. I guess I made a mistake telling you that incidence”
“Shut up man. now hurry up”
“But here, in this garden ? “
“Yeah, in the garden only. That will be really exciting. Like Pallavi punished Aniket in the restaurant”
“Oh no… Please. What people will think ?”
“Oh yes.. People will think he is a good, obedient boy who accepts punishment from his friend. Now come on. Be fast else you know I will have to increase the amount from thirty to forty and so on”
“Yeah.. I am obedient. I will do it. You know I never talk back to you”
“Yes my sweetheart. That’s why I like you”
He stood and made thirty uthak-baithak quickly.
“Is that all ma’am ?”
“yes my boy. That’s all for today.” she laughed.

After completing B.Sc. Vinay got admitted for M.Sc. Savita got well settled in her job and doing progress. She used to visit her home once or twice a month as earlier. And then they used to meet. But if she had to cancel her visit for some reason, Vinay used to get upset. She often had to try hard to please him them. Generally she then used to plan for a movie or dinner to please him.

Vinay was in the second year of M.Sc.
One day when they met at Savita’s place he said “Savita I want to tell you something”
“What’s that ?”
“I fear that you’ll be angry with me.”
“Don’t worry, you’re habituated to that” she laughed.
“Last week I had a party, and I consumed some liquor in that”
“Well ? what did you drink ?” she asked.
“How much ?”
“Not much. Just one and a half pegs.”
“You wished to drink or it’s because your friends insisted you ?” She queried further but avoided any reaction.
“Actually I also had a desire to taste, but was not having the courage. But as my friends encouraged me I tasted it.”
“Savita, are you upset with me ? If you’re then please punish me.”
“See Vinay, now you’re a grown up adult. When I punished you for smoking you were not even eighteen. But now I won’t decide for you that you should drink or not”
“Ma’am, please don’t say so. If you’re upset then really punish me. If you think I shouldn’t have drink then please whip me as you did earlier”
“No idiot. I am not upset, I swear. But one thing. Don’t drink because your friends inist. Then you won’t have any control on your drinks.By the way how did you feel after drinking ?”
“Frankly , it was good feeling. I liked it.”
“Hmm…” she smiled “ok then, you may drink. But you are still a student so I suggest not more than two pegs at a time and also not more than twice a month”
“Thanks Savita. I promise. I won’t drink more than twice a month”
“Good boy. But always stay away from smoking.”

Her opinion, rather her decision was important for him. She was very important for him. They were close friends from years. But that was not enough for Savita. She wanted the relation to go much beyond friendship. She was eagerly waiting for that.

Chapter Five

Vinay completed his M.Sc and started searching for job opportunity.
Savita suggested him “Why don’t you come and stay in Mumbai ? You will get some good opportunity over here. There are some male friends of mine who stay near by, I will request them to accommodate you with them”
Vinay agreed upon it and moved to Mumbai.He was also happy to stay close to Savita.
Savita was staying with her friend Naina. And she managed Vinay’s stay with some of her friends.
Vinay used to spend more time at Savita’s place. She used to guide and help him in job searching. He used to take dinner at her place. Soon Naina and Vinay became friends. Naina’s boyfriend Rahul and these three guys formed a group. They used to have good time together on weekends.
Days were passing. They all had a good time. But Vinay hardly had any progress on the job front. He was getting frustrated. He expressed his frustration to Savita.
“Don’t lose hopes. You’re intelligent and hardworking. You have capability of being a good scientist. First opportunity may make you wait for some time. But once you have it you won’t look back. You have plenty of time now. So enjoy your life. Learn new things, wonder in this big cit. Once you get a job you may not get much free time.”
“But yaar, I am getting nervous”
“Hey, would you like to play volley ball ? I will introduce you to some my friends who play volleyball or some other sports in the evening. You’ll have a good time then”
“Sounds good.” he delighted.
Then he joined the volleyball team and used to play in the evenings. After playing he used to go to Savita’s place late in the evening at about 9:30 pm.

One day Naina opened the topic to Savita
“Savita, what’s there between you and Vinay ?”
“What ?” Savita was surprised at that question.
“Sorry, but I got curious.I hope I can ask you that it it isn’t something which you don’t want to share.”
“Of course I can share it with you. You’re a close friend of mine” Savita replied
“Then tell me. Now don’t say ‘we are good friends’” both laughed at this.
“Okay.. I won’t say that.”
“Cool, then ?”
“Well, I like him and he likes me. And this attraction is from years”
“Hmm.. Means you’re in love? But you don’t behave like a typical couple then ? You know what I mean” Naina asked.
“That’s true. Any such relation is not yet formed between us.”
“Why ? What’s the difficulty ? if he is unable to take the initiative for some reason then why don’t you propose him ?”
“That’s not an issue. I love him and I am confident that he too loves me. But I am not sure if he has realized his feelings or not. See he is still too young, I am not sure whether he is able to take any decision in this regard yet. Also right now he is much worried about his job.”
“Hmm.. I can understand. By the way , may I further ask you something ?”
“Now do you want written permission from me stupid ?”
“You guys seem to have some different chemistry. Of course as I am closely seeing you from many days then only I noticed. He respects you probably because you’re older by five years or so. That’s fine. But sometimes I even feel that you’ve a command over him. If you say something, rather order something in a commanding tone he just obeys you.”
“Oh really ? you noticed anything like that ?” Savita was surprised.
“Sometimes. I mean it’s not that loud. But I was able to something like that.”
“Hmm.. “ Savita was confused for a moment
“Sorry, if I have asked some wrong question, or something too personal” Naina apologized.
“Well it’s really too personal Naina. But another fact is I also wanted to share this with someone. Someone whom I can trust totally. So I can share it with you”
“Thanks, please go ahead”
“Yes, this is something. Some secret chemistry between us. I have never shared about it to anyone and I guess same about Vinay.”
“Ok..But what’s that exactly ? It’s something just out of respect because you’re elder ?”
“Well. Yes and No. We started as friends on equal grounds. But for about an year I was also his tution teacher when he was in the tenth class. Those days he had to call me ‘ma’am’ and follow discipline in the class as I wanted him to.”
“Interesting ..
“I had to punish him sometimes for breaking some rules, not doing homework etc”
“Oh.. Punishment ? of what kind ?”
“May be simple like making uthak-baithaks or bit hard like strokes of a ruler on his palms or slapping him hard”
“My goodness.. he used to accept these ?”
“Yes, he never complained or showed any resistance to punishments he received from me”
“Amazing yaar..I just can’t believe.But this means he was related to you more as a student rather than a friend.”
“No. He was my student only for an year or so. Once his exams were over we were friends as earlier. We used to have lot of fun, outing, movies together. We used to play table tennis in which he was my coach. Truly age never mattered and we were good friends always”
“Ok, I understand. But the what chemistry you share now ?”
“I am coming to that. Though I am a friend of him. I always have some power over him, you can say it’s a secret between. It’s hidden. I don’t have to show it often but it is there. I can use it sometimes. In fact I had used it even to its extreme”
“I am not getting”
“Well. When he was in the first year of his college, I once caught him smoking. Can you imagine what was my reaction at that time ?”
“You must be angry then…at the most might have given him a couple of slaps”
“Couple of ? at least seven or eight.”
“Oh god. He accepted”
“It was only a part or warm up of his punishment you can say.”
“Oh.. then you didn’t stop at that ? what was the main punishment then ?”
“hmmm… uthak-baithaks” Naina replied.
“then… again ruler. A lot many strokes on his palms” Naina was confused.
“Sorry. Then I can’t even imagine anything beyond it. In fact I would never imagine this too if you would have not told me about the punishments you used to gave him as a teacher”
“well. I whipped him badly with a belt. I said badly. A real, genuine whipping on his bare back and legs. His back was full of welts.”
“what ?” Naina screamed…”You mean it ? No No.. How you could be so harsh, rather cruel that too just for smoking a cigarette. Savita I just can’t believe…you, you…just don’t have words to say…”
“Wait my dear. wait. don’t come to any conclusion. Let me tell you the whole story. Then give me your opinion.”
“Okay…what is that ?” Naina was still upset.
“it was not a punishment only. As I said we had some different chemistry. I always had some hidden powers over him. Whenever I used them over him even to slightest degree we came closer. The way I had an authority over him he also submitted himself in front of him. Even when I was a teacher and he accepted all the punishments from me it was not just because he was a sincere or obedient student. Unknowingly it was a passionate lover who submitted himself to his lady rather his goddess. Passion and attraction played roles between student and his teacher.”
“This is crazy. How can you say that he did so out of attraction for you”
“Because I know did so out of attraction.Of course the feeling was not much clear to both of us at that time. I was surprised at myself when I punished him for the first time with a ruler. I never had been that strict to even my younger brother who was ten times naughty. Neither I had any hatred for Vinay. In fact I liked him from our first meeting. So the question remained that why I was so harsh. Gradually I got the answers”
“But still being so harsh. I mean belting and all that. Isn’t it too much Savita ?”
“Naina, it was a very special and unique execution of our unexpressed feelings of love, attraction and passion. I had to go away from him as I was about to Mumbai. We were close friends. But our relation needed a special turning point which would tie us together for years, which would create a special emotional bond between us. Somewhere both of us had this secret desire. He was just seventeen and I was twenty two. We couldn’t express our love. The feeling was not matured. Also because of this special chemistry between us, things were not straightforward. I had never decided for any such action or execution of love. But I knew that I wanted something very special before I leave for Mumbai. Just as a passionate kiss is never planned and most passionate kiss happens at a very special and emotional moment. “
“You’re comparing whip with a kiss ?” Naina interrupted.
“Yes. In our case. On behalf of me, my belt kissed him, kissed him passionately.”
“This is very strange. I never thought of this”
“I can understand. This is rare. This is unique. But our desires are mutually complementary. So this is perfect for us. But we have to keep this secret as for the society it is unusual”
“It is. But don’t worry I won’t reveal this secret to anyone”
“Thanks. I know you won’t. That’s why I shared it with you. But now I also want to know your opinion, feelings on this”
“It’s difficult. I mean I just can’t think of this, so I don’t know what to say. I am not able to comment anything on this. But getting little bit curious about such stuff. I have even never seen anything like this.”
“hmm…I can understand. You can imagine yourself in such kind of relation, I mean just imagine for a moment and try to have the feel.” Savita replied.
“I am getting curious about it. But I won’t be able to try this in my relation with Rahul. I never dominate him, but even if he has some feeling like I dominate him he gets tempered and then I have to literally plead him”
“hmm… actually every relationship is different. So you may not be able to have any experience like this”
“Savita, if you don’t mind will you allow me to watch you guys when you punish him the next time.”
“Sounds good. I think you can watch us, no problem”
“ Have you punished him ever since he is in Mumbai ? I mean you might have done it in my absence..”
“No. Not yet. I haven’t punished him at all since last 1-2 years. Not even a slap or uthak-baithaks”
“When did you punished him last ?”
“Don’t remember exactly but I guess it was when he was enjoying his vacations after completion of his B.Sc.”
“Slapped him?”
“No. Just a light punishment, cornered him for twenty minutes for something not so big.”
“Hmm.. okay”
“But now I think I shall serve some bigger dish for him. Somewhat bigger punishment for him must come now. We need it. And when I punish him in next few days, you can watch it.”
“But will you slap him in front of me ? Naina asked
“Not sure. But mostly no. I shouldn’t slap him unless it’s extreme execution of our feelings that is only on special moments. This punishment won’t be such. This is just a reminder for both of us that I possess the power” Savita replied
“cool.. You have classification for punishments”
“hmm… by the way. I can also allow you to participate in. I mean you can also impart some punishment to him on my behalf ?”
“What ?? How can I beat Vinay ?”
“Just on my behalf. I will be deciding the punishment. I will announce it to him, make him accept it. But for some time you will have the ruler in your hand and you will strike it on his palms”
“Are you sure of what are you saying ?”
“I am sure. But would you be able to do it ? This will give you a real experience”
“But. I am not sure if I will be able to do it. I will feel pity for him”
“While you hold the ruler just imagine he is Rahul and remember any incidence when Rahul might have hurt you most”
“hmm.. I will try. But will Vinay be comfortable for this ? will he allow me to punish him”
“He will. He trusts me. And as I authorise you to strike the ruler onto him, he will accept you to do it on behalf of me. Moreover it will be me giving him punishment, and not you. You will only operate the ruler. Striking the ruler and giving the punishment are two different things. One is physical and the other is mental. Mentally he accepts punishment from me only. And this will be a different and unique experience for him too. So I don’t think he will have any objection”
“But still you should not take him for granted”
“Alright, I will ask him if it is okay for him. If he agrees then only I will let you do that”
“Fine. I am now getting excited.”


One evening Savita called Vinay at home
“Vinay, you’re going for playing volley ball now ?”
“Ok. Take this dress of mine to the laundry. Ask them to press it immediately and bring it back as you come home”
“Ok. fine.”
“And remember the laundry closes at 9 pm, so you have to go there before it for collecting the dress.”
“Sure. I will”
“Remember, you have to bring it back without fail.”
“Yes, I will” Vinay replied.
“And also you have to come home by 9 pm. We are getting late for the dinner because you come late”
“Ok I will come home by nine”
“Not for today only. Everyday you must come by 9, and I have already told this you a couple of times last week but seems you ignored.”
“Sorry. I have not ignored, but I just forget it when I play”
“So don’t forget it now onwards”
“Yes Savita. May I go now ?”
Vinay came back at 9:30.
“Savita, I couldn’t get your dress as the laundry was closed”
“ come ? when did you go there ?”
“At 9:20 pm” he replied
“Dear, I had told you to go there before 9”
“Sorry. I remembered it little late”
“You’ll be punished for this.”
“I am sorry Savita.”
“Hold your ears and make thirty uthak-baithks”
“I will surely bring the dress tomorrow” Vinay pleaded.
“That you will have to do. But that can’t be excuse from the punishment.”
“Hey Savita, are you kidding ? He is not a kid to get such punishment.” Naina said.
“You stay away Naina. He did the the wrong he has to get this punishment”
“Oh come on.. it was not some crime. And human make mistakes.”
“Stop it Naina. I don’t want to argue on this now. and Vinay I hope I won’t have to repeat what I said”
“Yes, yes ma’am. I will do it right now” he said.
He hold his ears and started making uthak-baithaks. When he did around twenty he felt tired and paused for a moment.
“Don’t stop.” Savita shouted
“Sorry ma’am” he said and continued.
“if you stop again I will count it from zero” she warned him.
He completed the remaining uthak-baithaks quickly and stood staring the ground.
Savita went to her bedroom and came back with a ruler.
“Stretch your hand to me” she ordered.
“What the hell Savita ? You made him do uthak-baithaks, now what this is for again ?”
“Naina he came late. I wanted him to be at home by 9. He was thirty minutes late so the first punishment was for that. And now he will receive ten strokes of ruler because he didn’t bring my dress from the laundry”
“This is ridiculous. What accounting you’re doing on punishment ? You wanted to punish him, you did so. Now why you’re further stretching it ?” Naina snatched the ruler from Savita
“Twenty strokes. Naina if you keep interrupting like this I will increase the punishment”
“You’re getting crazy.” Naina argued
“Thirty strokes. Give me the ruler back” Savita shouted
“I won’t. Do whatever you want” Naina replied.
“Forty strokes Naina…You’re adding to his punishment because of your stupidity”
“Naina, please… don’t try to stop Savita ma’am. The punishment can’t be avoided now. And I have done wrong so I deserve it. But I won’t like you friends having arguments for me.”
Naina gave in and returned the ruler to Savita
Savita started struck the ruler hard against his palm. It was a hard stroke. He was getting it after years. He felt extreme pain.
“One” she counted loudly and raised the ruler again in the air.
The ruler struck on his palm again.
“Two…. Three…. “ the counting continued till ten. And Naina again interrupted,
“Now will you please stop ? You wanted to give him ten strokes”
“No, he will now get forty”
“Why dear ? just because I argued, why you punish that poor guy” Naina pleaded.
“Naina, you should have thought this before arguing. Once I decide some punishment for him there are no chances of reducing or cancelling it”
“Please Savita, I am sorry for my arguments.” Naina requested.
“No Naina. Now don’t disturb me”
“Ok.. then at least will you let me give the remaining strokes ? the punishment was increased because of him. So at least I will give it to him”
“Well …Vinay what you say on this ? Is it fine for you if Naina gives remaining strokes of the ruler ? But don’t think that they will be some light strokes. I won’t allow her to give any lighter strokes”
Vinay was confused. Naina was a good friend of him. But he never imagined of getting punished from anyone else than Savita.
“Ma’am.. I don’t know what to say. But if you want Naina ma’am to hit the ruler onto me I will accept it”
Naina took the ruler. Vinay stretched his palm. Naina held his palm lightly and raised the ruler in the air. Vinay has seen Savita in this pose a number of times. Now Naina, Savita’s best friend was in that role. Savita had delegated her powers to Naina. Vinay had never challenged Savita’s power, neither he challenged the powers she delegated to Naina. It was going to be a different experience for him.
The first stroke was too light.
“Zero” Naina said to Naina, “If you hit like this, I won’t count it. It has to be a real intense stroke. Got it ?”
Naina nodded and tried again. But she was not yet confident and this time again the stroke was somewhat light,
“Zero again”
After few such zeros Naina could give more powerful strokes and the count moved from the zero.
Naina was excited and filled with energy now. She could deliver hard and intense strokes onto his palms. Soon she completed thirty strokes.

Vinay left Savita’s place after dinner.
“So my dear, how was the feeling ?” Savita asked Naina
“Wow… simply amazing. Wonderful. I was feeling so powerful. I was hitting him hard and he was just accepting it without any resistance.” Naina answered.
“You rightly said it, in fact I also realize the same power when I punish him, hit him. He just can’t resist to my power. It is mentally impossible for him to resist my supremacy then. And when I once whipped him with a belt, that was an exceptionally amazing momen. I was feeling like I am a queen and I possess unlimited power and supremacy. And his devotion was too awesome at that moment. He was behaving as if he was born to get whipped by me. Every mark that was created by belt on his back was adding to my excitement and energy. I was feeling like I should not stop at all, I shall keep on moving the whip in the air and hitting on his back. After that incidence we got more and more closed to each other. We had a very special bond between us which kept us tied for years.” Savita said.
“Hmm… may be true. I can understand now. But also I am feeling guilty now. Just to have that experience I hitted him badly with the ruler. Was I selfish and cruel ? after all he had not done anything wrong to me, neither I do have any such rights to punish him for any misbehavior or indiscipline of his”
“That’s ok Naina. It was not you who punished him. You only handled the ruler but the punishment was from me. So don’t be sorry for it”
“Still, you increased the punishment just to give me the experience. So I am feeling guilty”
“Who said that ? I would have not given him just ten strokes of the ruler. I was expressing my power on him after a long time. The expression had to be little intense. Ten strokes of ruler would have been too less for this occasion. So forty or fifty was supposed to be good. I am sure this much was needed.”
“I don’t know about your calculations of punishments. But I still feel guilty, I wish if I can strike myself with the same ruler”
“You don’t need to bother when I am here. I will do that for you. Just stretch your hands”
Naina did so and Savita striked the ruler hard against her palm.
“Oh god. “ Naina screamed and took her hand back.
“Stretch the hand dear” Savita ordered.
Naina stretched her hand again. And Savita again gave two hard strokes.
“Sorry Savita, I just can’t take it. It’s so much painful” Naina got into tears.
“That’s fine” Savita kept the ruler aside.
“Oh god… I just can’t imagine how Vinay can take forty or fifty strokes of this ruler. Seems he is too strong”
“Not like that Naina. It is his devotion which gives him the strength.You could not take it though you tried it out of guilty feeling. You could have taken it if there was feeling of devotion and passion in love”
“Sorry, I didn’t get you.”
“Well, Imagine that Rahul is very much upset with you, I mean genuinely upset. He is sad and angry. He wants to give a way to his anger, probably by hitting you, giving you some punishment like the one I gave to Vinay, then what will you do ?”
“hmm… well on that special, emotional occasion I will gather all my strength and first try to accept the punishment from him to maximum level possible and beyond that I will beg for for apology, for mercy from him”
“Right , now you understood”
Ohh.. is this the reason some wives like their husband to hit them ?I mean I heard something like that but it sound weird to me then.”
“yes. Generally husband and wife have desires like that. I mean husband like to dominate and wife wants to submit. But if the desires are reverse or at least the wife wants to dominate her love then things may become complicated. A lady generally doesn’t hit or can’t hit her man. She even denies the fact that she likes to dominate. But then she sometimes verbally abuse him and also insults him often. On the other hand the man also denies that he likes his lady dominating him. They end up in arguments and fights.”
“Hmm.. seems you’ve thought a lot over this”
“Yes. I had to. When I realized my feelings, his feelings I started thinking on all this. Fortunately we are complementary to each other and Vinay has no problem in accepting my supremacy.”
“But what if in future he refuse to accept your dominance ?” Naina asked.
“Well. He should not. This special thing brings great excitement and passion to our relation. And this is secret between us so he won’t have any problem of being humiliated in society because of this. But even if he someday stops accepting my supremacy I will still love him. I love him because he is a very good guy and I like him truly. With our special chemistry in and accepted by both we can enjoy our relation to a great extend and at a truly different level. If he stops accepting this speciality we may miss this flavour but I will try to adjust to it. I will try my best to keep our relationship live and happening in any case.”
“Savita this is great. I will say it is not only his devotion but it’s devotion from your side too. When he has to gather strength for accepting your whip in fact you too have to gather a lot more emotional strength to move the whip.”
“Yes. When I hit him it gives me pleasure. But when I stop wounds on his body make me sad too. The physical pain he receives make me emotional. When I hit him with a ruler for the first time, I could not sleep the whole night and same thing when I whipped him with the belt.”
“great … I see this is great love of both of you. I just wish you all the best for keeping all your chemistry alive for years”
“Thank you dear”


Chapter Six

It was Vinay’s birthday. Savita wished him early in the morning and asked him to come to her place in the evening and they will celebrate his birthday there.

In the afternoon Vinay received a phone call from an organization saying he got selected for the post for which he had given an interview recently. The news obviously delighted him much. But he waited for evening to tell the news to Savita than to call her right then.

Savita was waiting for him in the evening. She was wearing a red silky midi dress which Vinay had gifted her a few months back. She was looking more attractive than usual.

“Hey Vinay, Happy Birthday. Come and cut the cake, I am eagerly waiting for it” Naina wished him.
“Yeah, but there is something else too” Savita said and went to the kitchen. She came back with a bottle of champagne.
“Wow..That’s cool. I couldn’t ever imagine” Vinay screamed happily.
Savita opened the bottle for him and served champagne to the three.
After cake cutting Naina left for an outing.
Savita played music on the music system.
“Let’s dance ?” Vinay asked to her.
“Of course..” she smiled.
They began dancing. Champagne already had some effect on their nerves and now the music was playing its role. He was holding her hands and doing dance steps looking into her eyes. Occasionally their bodies touched and added to the excitement. The tracks kept on changing they paced with the tracks.
Finally she stopped and sat into a chair, tired a lot. He was also exhausted and he sat on the floor near her.
She closed eyes. He could see her beautiful legs below her knees. He gently touched her legs. She smiled but didn’t open eyes. He moved closer to her and hugged her legs. Then he kissed her legs gently. It pleased her. She opened her eyes and held him by his arms and moved him to her.
“I love you” both said at the same time and laughed loudly. She stood up and he hugged her tight at her waist.
“Let’s move for the dinner, else we’ll be late” she said.
“Yeah.. by the way I have a news “ he said
“What’s that ?”
“I got a job… “
“Wow. Congratulations. So today you’re getting many things in life…Well I too have something special” she said
“What’s that ?” he asked.
“Let’s Go down fast and you’ll come to know. Come on hurry up” she took him to the lift.
As they moved out of the lift she opened her purse and held a gift pack in front of her.
He opened it.It was the key of a bike”
“Wow… new bike for me ? where it is”
She pointed to a bike in the parking.
“This exactly the model and colour I always want. But how do you know that. I never told you” Vinay was very much surprised.
“Well. That’s my secret.” she smiled.
“Let’s go on the bike for the dinner” he said.
“No sweetheart. You’re drunk so you’re not allowed to ride”
“Drunk ?? It was just a couple of glasses of champagne”
“Still I won’t allow you. Let’s go by taxi” she insisted.
“Okay.. But then we’ll go for an outing this Saturday” he continued
“That’s fine. Where shall we go ?” she asked.
“Hmm… well, aati kya khandala ?”
“He he” she laughed loudly “Yes my Amir Khan. We will”

When they were in the restaurant she looked into his eyes and said
“Dear, I have one more special thing for you…”
“What’s that ?”
“A special news…” she said
“What ? Tell me” he asked
“Well, not today. I will tell you it in Khandala”
“Oh no… please tell now” he pleaded.
“No No No” she said mischieviously “ Hold on till Saturday”

The beautiful evening was about to end. Two excited souls were about to say bye to each other.
“Let’s go ?” she asked softly.
“No. Don’t go”
“Idiot” she smiled and twisted his arm.
He hugged her tight and they kissed each other madly.


As decided Savita and Vinay went to Khandala on his bike. She wore the same red midi as he suggested also she wore black leather boots. She was looking hot.

They entered in a nice resort at Khandala.
As they entered into the room Vinay asked her about the news she wanted to share.
“Savita, what’s the news, now tell me “
“Hmm.. yeah. I will tell you. But..”
“But what ?”
“You have to serve me first”
“Is that ? well.. then tell me what shall I do ?” he asked.
“Remove my shoes first”
He leaned at her knees and removed her leather shoes gently.
“Now get some warm water from the bathroom and wash my feet”
He brought some hot water in a bucket and washed her feet and also dried them with a towel.
“Now don’t you think my feet need a massage too”
“Sure” he smiled and moved her legs onto the bed and gently massaged them.
After few moments he kissed her feet then slowly removed her clothes and kissed her all over her body. They enjoyed the romantic moments to the extreme.
After some time as they were lying in the bed he asked
“Now would you please share that news sweetheart”
“Yes Honey. The thing is that Naina is getting married with her boy friend Rahul”
“So ?Is that the news ?”
“So she will leave the flat we share”
“Okay…?” Vinay was still confused.
“And then….I will stay in that flat with my beloved one”
“Oh.. that’s great. You’re such a sweetheart” He screamed.


Soon Vinay shifted to Savita’s flat. He was also settling down in his new job. The life was good. Both were enjoying it.
But soon weekdays became hectic for Savita. When Naina was with her they used to share the house work. But now Vinay had no idea or practice of doing any household work. For some months Savita didn’t mind being busy all the time and doing all the work. But then she thought it will be better if Vinay shares some work and also responsibilities.

“Vinay, when Naina was here we used to share work. Now as we are together I expect that you should also take responsibilities of some of the tasks in the house. I am aware that you never had habit of doing any work at home or sharing responsibility. So initially I will train you on some of the tasks then you have to do them independently. If at all you can’t do certain task then I will retain it with me again but I want you to give a sincere try.”

“Sure Savita. I will like to help you” Vinay agreed upon it.

She started him introducing to different household tasks. She used to explain a task to him thoroughly and allow him sufficient time to practice and get used to it. Vinay also took interest in learning tasks and put sincere efforts into it.
But once he could do some task perfectly after some days he was ignorant and forget some things occasionally. When at home he used to spend lot of time in watching TV or playing mobile games.
Also Savita had allowed him to have a drink only once a week. But he sometimes exceeded this limit. So she was upset on this.

On one Sunday morning she called him
“Vinay come to the bedroom”
he was watching TV while lying in the sofa.
“Yeah. Wait.”He shouted.
“I want you here right now” She said.
“Just 5 minutes dear”
She came to the drawing room and switched off the television.
“Don’t you understand what I say ?“ she asked angrily.
“Ok. Ok.. Please cool down.” He got up and walked to the bedroom.
“So.. what’s up? Why are you so upset dear ?” Vinay asked.
“Vinay, I had asked you to regularly do some housework”
“Yes. I am doing that na”
“No dear. You were supposed to take responsibility. You are supposed to be more attentive towards work. I shouldn’t have to remind you every time Vinay do this or do that. This is our home and you should behave like that”
“Ok sweetheart. I will do take care. Now happy ?”
“One more thing. It’s fine if you drink once a week. But I don’t like you drinking more often.”
“But some weeks I don’t even drink once. So in some other week I can compensate”
“No dear. It shouldn’t be like that”
“Well, I give you two weeks to improve yourself”
Vinay agreed upon it. He was careful about his tasks for some days. But then again missed the track. Also he talked roughly to Savita on a couple of occasions. She didn’t say anything to him then.
After two weeks she took him to the bedroom in the morning at 9 AM.
“Vinay, I hope you remember what we talked two weeks back”
“Of course I do dear. And so I was very much attentive towards house these days”
“You think so..”
“Ufff… seems you’re still not happy”
Savita listed when he missed his chores and also briefed the incidences when he talked back to her.
“Sorry Savita. I will definitely take care from now”
“ Of course you have to do that. But it’s not enough from now”
“Means ?”
“From now I will discipline you every Sunday.”
“I am not getting you Savita”
“We will have discipline time or rather punishment time on Sunday for you”
“What ??” he shouted.
“Yes my dear. Every Sunday at nine in the morning you have to stand up in this corner holding your ears”
Vinay was amazed.
“And then I will come and decide your punishment for the week. If you have been good throughout the week then twenty uthak-baithak and twenty strokes of the ruler else it will be more”
“Even if I do all stuff regularly still you would punish me ?”
“Yes dear. That will remind you to be good in coming week also. Let’s call this 20-20 punishment. This is your fixed punishment for every week. You may earn more if you don’t follow the discipline”
“Oh no Savita…”
“Yes sweetheart. And today is your first session. You will get a 40-40 punishment now”
“Isn’t that too much dear ? ”
“Absolutely not. Now make 40 uthak-baithaks quickly without any more question”
“Yes ma’am”
Vinay held his ears and made forty uthak-baithaks.
“Good. Now stretch your right hand”
He did so and she moved the ruler into the air and struck hard against his palm and counted “one”. It was a real painful stroke. She allowed him few seconds to recover and struck the next and so on. After twenty most painful strokes she ordered “Now the left hand”
“Yes ma’am” and the story continued again for the palm of his left hand.

From that day Vinay changed a lot. He was now much more attentive for his work. Savita still continued with punishment sessions on Sunday.
However on one Sunday Vinay totally forgotten about punishment and he was doing some other stuff though it was 9:30.
“Good morning dear” Savita said.
“Good morning sweetheart.” Vinay replied.
“What’s the time ?” she asked
“Hmm.. 9:30. So?“
“Have you forgotten something ?”
“What ?…oh yes. My punishment time. Oh no. let me go there fast” and he rushed to the corner in the bedroom and she followed after few minutes.
“Dear you’ll get some extra for forgetting punishment session” she said waving a piece of a thin electric cord in her hand.
“Really ? You mean it ?”
“Yes I do. And this time I have this nice equipment with me.. this cord. I will like to give you twenty with this on your back”
“Honey I guess it will hurt a lot”
“It should. isn’t it ? that’s why I call it punishment. And this cord will help me for next 2 weeks too”
“Next 2 weeks ? for what ?”
“For forgetting the punishment session today”
“Yeah. Now remove your shirt and bend down, I will start with the chord now”
He obeyed her orders.
She moved the chord in the air and struck hard against his back. He got the whip on his back after a long time. Though it was a thin cord it gave him lot of pain. His body shivered. She allowed few moments to relax and then continued with remaining. The cord created few welts on his back.
In the afternoon she checked him for any intense wounds and applied some cream on the welts. He was excited with her touch on the wounds. She hugged him and both enjoyed passionate session of romance.
He behaved more disciplined from then. Savita whipped him with the cord for the next week and then cancelled the additional punishment. Sometimes she also gave him some concessions in the 20-20 punishment.

Chapter Seven

“Pallavi” Vinay called loudly as he found his old classmate and closed friend in his office premises.
“Hey Vinay, what a pleasant surprise” She was also happy to see him. After completing B.Sc. Pallavi and Aniket got married. After then both of them kept on doing different jobs rather than going for any higher education. Vinay was not in touch with them from a long time.
They both went to coffee shop.
Pallavi shared a lot about her marriage life and family. She was enjoying a happy marriage life.
“And what about you ? You found somebody or not yet ?” she asked.
“Yeah..” he smiled
“So, who is she ? where she stays ?”
“Her name is Savita. I stay with her.”
“That’s means ‘live-in-relationship’. that’s cool man. But where you found her” she smiled.
“She was my neighbour in Nashik”
“I think you have sometimes told me about her. Let me recall…Is she the one to whom you used to go for maths tutions in the tenth class ?”
“Yes. Right.”
“But I guess she was pretty older than you. Isn’t it ?”
“Yeah.. almost by five years”
“Doesn’t it sound strange ?” she asked.
Vinay didn’t say anything but smiled.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean it. But anyways as you’re fan of Sachin it must be normal for you” she said further.
Both of them laughed on this.
“But how come your tuition teacher turned into your girlfriend? that too after so many year ?” she asked.
“Well we were friends always and also we were always in touch. She moved to Mumbai when I was doing B.Sc. But we used to meet at least once a month”
“hmm… Hey I remember once you told me about her that she once punished you during your tuitions.”
“Not once..she used to punish me during tuitions” Vinay replied
“Wow, so funny…the teacher who used to punish you with a ruler is now your girlfriend. You can’t escape now.. does she use the ruler now also ?” Pallavi asked and laughed.
“Sometimes” he replied
“What ? You mean it ?” she was surprised.
“Yeah. I mean she uses it on Sunday”
“You’re kidding”
“No dear. Really I swear. I get my punishments every Sunday morning. Twenty uthak baithaks and twenty strokes of a ruler that is my fixed punishment for every Sunday and based on my behaviour in the week Savita decides if I have to get some extra or not”
“What extra ?”
“Extra punishment than the above said. Sometimes she denies me watching TV for some days. Sometimes she whips me with a cord”
“What ?? I can’t believe this” Pallavi was shocked. Then Vinay told her about the timely punishments he used to get from Savita even in the past. He also told her the most severe punishment of belt whipping he received from her when he tried smoking once.
“Are you mad Vinay ? She treats you like a slave. And you think she is your love ?She is crazy and cruel girl probably psychic too.”
“I really love her and she loves me too” Vinay said.
“Love?? I don’t see any love here. She is abnormal. She gets pleasure in doing physical harassment of yours. And you think she loves you.”
Vinay didn’t say anything.
“See Vinay, I don’t know why she is so or what. Neither it matters to me. But you, Vinay a wise man like you caught into her trap where she fulfills her unnatural desires.Don’t you see all this is totally wrong ? You ruin yourself.”
“I don’t know what is right and wrong. But she has always been a good support for me. When I even did not know what is love then also I thought her a close one. When she first slapped me or punished with a ruler that time also I was not upset with her. Instead I thought that because of my indiscipline I received the punishment. When I smoked and she whipped me badly with a belt then also I was not angry with her. I begged her to stop because it was really very painful. But still I was not upset with her. I deserved the punishment so she gave me that.”
“…Even I can understand that as a tuition teacher she punished you. Fine.. but what after that ? She was not your teacher then she doesn’t have any right to punish you. Okay you smoked a cigarette , you did wrong. But who the hell is she to whip you. She could have complained to your mom. Vinay listen to me she is sick. And she has trapped you. I don’t know if she is so attractive and glamorous or what but somehow you got blind in the attraction for her. Only attraction , I won’t call it love”
“But I can’t understand Pallavi, why you feel this is so wrong” Vinay asked.
“Because I am a normal girl who love and respect her husband.”
“But you once punished Aniket, that too in front of so many friend ?”
“Me ? when ?” she was surprised.
“Once he came late for your birthday party and you made him do forty uthak-baithaks in a restaurant.”
“So you still remembered that small thing ? Oh God.., And you also think that I treat my husband like a slave because of that small incidence ? You’re really a stupid. It was just a simple fun between a boy friend and a girl friend. And You think I still dominate him… I can’t even think of doing so now. Do you remember how much I used to care for him even those days ? I used to cook for him and bring tiffin as he was a hostelite and tired of eating outside. And if sometimes he used to be upset with me, shout at me even in front of friends and I used to keep quiet.Of course he is a very good person and never intentionally hurt me. But I never even talked back to him even those days. Your forgot all this and remembered only one thing”
“Sorry” Vinay said.
“Don’t say sorry to me Vinay. But think on this. That girl assumes you her slave. And the day you will deny being her slave or even fall short to her expectation she will throw you out of her house and her life. So before it happens you leave her. You’re a good friend of both of us so I feel sad for you. Don’t ruin your life dear” Pallavi was emotional.


It was a Sunday. Vinay was cleaning and polishing his shoes when Savita came in.
“Hey nice..You’re shining your shoes. Please polish mine too”
He looked at her but didn’t reply.
“There, in that rack you will find my shoes”
Vinay completed polishing his shoes and was sitting idle. Savita came back after some time.
“Hey, didn’t you get my shoes ? Wait I will give you” and she brought her shoes from the rack.
“They shall shine like yours” she added but he didn’t give attention. She was surprised but continued to her work.
She again came back and found that Vinay had not even touched her shoes. It was almost nine and he was sitting idle thinking of something.
“Hey, what happened ? you didn’t polish my shoes ?” she asked
He did not reply.
“Anyways do it later. It’s almost nine so hurry up. Get to the corner for punishment else I will be getting a cord too which I don’t want”
He walked to the corner in the bedroom and she followed.
“Hey .. You didn’t put the ruler, cord on the table top. Seems you’ve forgotten the discipline. Shall I do something to make you remember it well ?” she asked.
Again he didn’t reply.
“Anyways, let me decide your punishment for the week. Till Wednesday you were doing perfectly fine. But later you lost attention. Even you didn’t talk to me much. And when I asked you what’s wrong you didn’t answer. Friday morning you didn’t stored drinking water. So this week I am not giving you any concession in 20-20. In fact I wanted to give you more but it seems you’re upset with something and I must know what it is. But first start with 20 uthak-baithas” she ordered.
“Sorry Savita, I won’t take any punishment”
“Why ? what happened ? Are you not feeling well. If so then even I won’t punish you” she touched her forehead to see if he has got fever.
“No. it’s not like that” he answered.
“then ? what’s wrong dear ? Are you stressed in the office ?”
“Then what’s wrong sweetheart ?” she asked.
He didn’t reply.
“See if you don’t answer well the punishment may increase. You know that well. If you have any problem tell me clearly”
“I don’t want to receive any punishment from you.” he said
“are you mad ? you know what are you saying ?”
“I know. I don’t want to be your slave anymore” he said
“You..” she raised her hand to slap him but then took it back.
“Vinay, you are not a slave. You were never and will be never. I never thought like it”
“But then why I am treated like a slave ? Why I get punishments ?”
“I won’t answer this. You know it very well” she kept the ruler aside.
For few minutes none of them talked.
“I wonder how all this striked to your mind ?who said you this ?” she asked
“Why someone should tell ? Can’t I think on my own ?” he said angrily.
“Okay.. but now what you want ?” she asked
“I don’t want to continue as your obedient slave. I don’t want to learn discipline from you nor I want to have punishment sessions from you.”
“You’re making a mistake Vinay. But if you have made up your mind then I won’t insist though I can do so easily”
Vinay held the keys of bike in front of her.
“Now what’s this ?” she got confused.
“You will ask me to leave the flat. I will do the arrangements in next 4-5 days but you can keep the bike from now itself “
“Why you think that I will ask you to leave ?” she had tears in her eyes.
“Because I am no longer your slave so you may not want me anymore”
“Once again I am telling you Vinay, You were never my slave. I always wanted you in my life”
He kept quiet.
“I love you Vinay. It’s true that I dominate you. But I love you that’s why I like dominating you. But if you don’t like it you I won’t do that and you can behave the way you want. But of course if you don’t love me anymore then I won’t stop you. But at least don’t doubt my love”
“I also love you Savita” he said.
“Then never leave me. You can live a life the way you want. I won’t dominate” she said.
He agreed. But then a silence took place.
Days passed. Savita got to normal life, tried to break the silence. But Vinay was still keeping mum. She used to all the work and stopped asking him anything to do. It was hectic for her to manage the home and the office but she worked hard to do her best.
While he was not enjoying the life. He used to speak too less. After coming from office sometimes he used to play volleyball, other times he used to be busy in watching television or having a drink. Savita was feeling sorry as he was so much disturbed. He was not even enjoying romance.

“Why you’re so disturbed dear ?” she asked him once.
“No nothing like that. I am not”
“I know you’re. If you’re not happy with me then I won’t stop you from leaving me. But I can’t see you disturbed all the time”
He didn’t answer.
He was confused. He didn’t expect this. After meeting Pallai he also started thinking that there was something wrong in his relationship with Savita, she was the mistress and he was her slave. He decided to come out of that. It was going to be difficult to talk to her on this. He anticipated that she may ask him to leave her place or she may get violent may even punish him badly, whip him with a belt for his protest. But nothing like that happened. Instead she said “You’re not my slave” and she was proving it every day then after. She stopped dominating him at all. She was still happy. He thought “When she accepted the change happily, why I am not happy with it ? Is this exactly what I wanted ?”
But he couldn’t get the answers to his questions. The confusion in his mind continued.


Savita was also not happy to see him disturbed. But she waited for things to change. She had the hopes that their relationship would cherish once again soon.

On one saturday evening Vinay went out to play volleyball and Savit was also out for some shopping while she noticed some shouting. She noticed that it was the group of volleyball players which Vinay joins. She further found that Vinay was having loud arguments with someone.
She could locate Sachin, another friend of her in the same group. She called him and asked what was going on.
“Savita, it’s all Vinay’s mistake. He is not attentive while playing from last few days. Today also he was not playing well. So Yogesh asked him to be careful while playing game. Then Vinay got irritated and got into arguments. Now Yogesh too got tempered and difficult for us to handle the two”
“Oh… That’s sad. I guess Vinay is somewhat stressed these days. Some tension in the office you know… will you please call him ? He will get back to your group in a day or two. He will then also apologize to Yogesh”
“Ok.. I will call him” Sachin replied.
Sachin called Vinay who then walked to her.
“Vinay, why are you having arguments with him ? what’s wrong ?” she asked
“It’s not me. He started all that” he replied
“Anyways leave it now. Come with me” she said.
He followed her to home.

“What’s happening Vinay ? Why are you so disturbed always ?” She asked kindly.
“Don’t know”
“Are you stressed in the office ?”
“Then are you still upset with me ?”
he didn’t reply.
“Hey idiot. How can I be happy if you’re disturbed ? Your happiness is everything for me” she moved him close to her and gently hugged him.
“I don’t know. I can’t decide what I want and what I don’t. I am confused” all his frustration reflected in his voice.
“But I know it…I know what you want and what is good for both of us” she said
“What it is?”
“It is the speciality and uniqueness of our relationship. Now you decided to deny , get away from that very special feature of our relationship. You started calling it ‘slavery’. So I stopped dominating you. But you are still restless. When you devoted yourself to me you had satisfaction and mental support. We were always closed to each other. It was never a condition that you should accept my domination. But the special thing creates some bonds between us. And only we can experience it”
Vinay broke down with her words. He hugged her legs and cried.
“You’re right Savita. I was wrong. I kept myself away from your love for last two months. Please beat me, whip me, punish me. You have all the rights to dominate me.I am all yours. Please forgive me.”
She comforted him.

On the next day i.e. Sunday Vinay got up early in the morning. He finished some chores and then took Savita’s shoes, cleaned and polished them nicely. He then kept the ruler, cord on a table and stood in the corner of bedroom holding his ears.
Savita entered in the bedroom after some time.
“That’s good” she smiled looking at him.
“Savita, please punish me. My two months’ punishment is pending please give me that.”
“Today I won’t use these” she moved the ruler and cord aside.
“Why ? Haven’t you forgiven me ? I need this punishment badly. Please…”
“Of course I will punish you. But today after two months our emotions need a stronger expression which can’t be completed with the ruler or the cord. Today is special day. We are coming closer again after a period. So today your punishment will be special, extreme and severe.”
“What it is ?”
“Wait” she opened his cupboard and took out a belt.
She moved the belt in the air and asked
“Vinay, isn’t this the same belt which I used for you years ago ?”
“Yes it is.”
“So you still preserved it…Good” she said
“Thanks. But you knew that I preserved it ?” he asked.
“Yes I know it from few months. I saw it in your luggage. That’s why I was more confident about what you want”
“May I ask something ?”
“Go ahead …”
“Two months back when I refused to accept the punishment you could have broken my protest by this belt. Then why you didn’t do that ?”
“Vinay, it’s right that I could have whip you badly that day itself and you could not resist. But when you refused to accept the punishment it was not protest. I won’t call it so. You just had some confusion in mind. You were not sure what you wanted. Your devotion is a part of our love. You just denied it. That’s fine. I didn’t want your devotion forced by a whip. We came closer in the past. I started dominating you and you kept on devoting yourself. But there was always pure love behind this and nothing was forceful. So I decided to wait till you realize your mistake and get back to me”
“You’re so wise Savita. It’s best thing for me to submit myself at your feet”
“That’s fine. Now I don’t want to waste time in talking” she said and slapped him hard
“Sorry ma’am” he said and she gave a hard slap again. And many hard slaps followed.
“Now remove the shirt” she ordered and moved the belt in the air.
“Yes ma’am”.
He removed the shirt.
The first stroke of the belt was quite severe. He shivered.
“You know, I won’t be counting while whipping you with belt” she said
“Yes ma’am, I want all those infinite number of lashes”
She again raised the belt, moved it fast in the air and struck it on his back.
Lashes kept coming on his back and his back was now decorated with many welts. Also his frustration vanished with the lashes.


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